Strategic Plan


Page 0 Cover Strategic Plan. doc.doc
Page 1 The Charter.docx
Page 3 Strategic Plan.docx
PB4L 12-02-2020.pdf
Page 4 Our School Statement.doc
Page 5 aims & objectivces .doc
Page 6 Key Competency Chart.doc.doc
Page 7-14 a Aims.& Objectivesdoc.doc
Page 15 -18 Strategic goal NAG 3-6.docx
Page 19NAG 4.docx
Page 22 Review Timetable.doc
Page 20 Strategic Goals Special Abilities Programme.P10doc.doc
Page 22 Review Timetable.doc
Page 26 Actions to achieve mathematics goals.docx
Page 30 Annual Plan.docx
Mathematics Targets 2020.docx
Page 25 Goals - Mathematics 2020.docx
Reading Targets 2020.docx
Page 29 Goals - Reading 2020.docx
Writing targets 2018.docx
2020 Writing Goals Aims.docx
Literacy Achievements 2020.docx
Library Strategic Plan 2020.docx
Maori Achievement.docx
PB4L 12-02-2020.pdf
Catholic Faith based Community of learning 2018.docx
COLS Strategic Intent 2020.docx
St Mary’s Catholic School, Putaruru Strategic Plan 2019 End of Year Review (1).docx
St Mary’s Catholic School, Putaruru - Religious Education Strategic Plan 2020.docx
Sports Review.docx
Sports Action Plan 2020.docx