Our Place

Available Sports






Rippa Rugby

Indoor Bowls

Swimming (Terms 1 and 4) We are lucky enough to have our own pool, where swimming is taught for the first 5 - 6 weeks of Term 1 and the last 5 weeks of Term 4.


AIMS Games for Year 7 & 8

School Sporting Events

Swimming Sports

Cross Country

Indoor Bowls



Interschool Sports Days

Correct Sports Uniform must be worn at ALL sporting events.

Other Events

PTA Twilight Gala

Year 7&8 Camp to Wellington and Blue Mountain Adventure Center (alternate years)

Year 5&6 Day Camp to Tauranga and Taupo (alternate years)

School Production (Alternate Years)

AIMS - Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools

Aims is a country wide sports event for all intermediate schools, held in Tauranga. St Marys has participated in this event for many years. This competition is for Year 7&8 only, and we would like all students to participate. It is free for students to participate in, but some students will find it easier to have accommodation in Tauranga, instead of driving there and back again, due to game times. The sports we usually enter in, are Netball (for girls), Basketball (For boys) and recently Indoor Bowls (Unisex).