Year 7 & 8

Every year, all Year 7&8 students have the opportunity to attend a 5 day camp with their class. Our camps alternate between Blue Mountain Adventure Center and Wellington.

All students must raise a certain amount of money to go towards this. Fundraising will compromise of Raffle Tickets and Selling Chocolates. Normal Price to go to camp is $200 to $250 though prices may vary.

Year 5 & 6

Each year, all Year 5 & 6 students have the opportunity to go on a Day camp. These camps alternate between a overnight stay at Tauranga, and a day trip.

The overnight stay includes a day at Waimarino, and accommodation at ...

The Day Trip includes a trip to Rock 'n' Ropes, The Huka Falls and Dinner at the AC Baths.

Both trips cost around $60, but prices may vary.