ICT Parents Meeting

Our Vision Statement
Through the Marist Tradition, we strive for excellence to become life-long, responsible digital citizens
These are the results of our last parent/staff meeting meeting regarding ICT in the classroom. We are doing an ICT development plan moving forward. You will be welcome to add comments from our newsletter. 

What is positive?

Family can see what the child has been learning

Engaging for children

Develop skills in IT

Up to date information for children and parents

Kids learn in a safe environment -what is safe and what is unsafe?

Closer relationships between parents and the school

New learning for children in a new learning environment

Opportunities for professional development and upskilling - new learning for staff

Speed of information e.g. sport cancellations

Setting up for future google classrooms (High School) and society

Good communication for our wider school community e.g.  grandparents and family overseas.

What is negative?

Some parents would not want their children's photos on the internet

Some children may not want their photos or work shown

Keeping it up to date!!

Family can see what the child has not been learning

A lot of professional development

Time consuming

Developing our protocol to make it successful  

Bad look if not kept up to date, must be vigilant and current

Accessibility for students without computers at home

Comments - appropriate/inappropriate

Cyber bullying

Parents not interested, lack of knowledge, understanding or fear

Privacy issues

How we will deal with each of these?

Consultation and discussion with our learning community

Digital citizenship responsibility  

Parent Meeting

Proposed vision suggestions  

Parent Survey with draft vision

Privacy Issues - taking photos in groups and back on if there is an issue with a particular student or students.

Student Contracts

Jason Shailer coming in to talk to classes about cyberbullying, cybersafety and digital citizenship

Teacher help:

Thursday blogs with Room 8 students in Room 2, 3,  5, 6 during Kapa Haka time.

Maree will help Heather and Room 4

                - Homework Tasks, Technology Day, Writing, Speeches, Topic

Links to school sites or appropriate learning sites, including free apps

Classroom Unit Study

Action Plan:

  • Look at other templates from Net Safe ( Ministry) for Cyber Use Policy to be signed by parents/ caregivers

  • Consider yearly student contract formulated in the class, which is also published in the newsletter. This allows parents to see what their child has signed each year.

  • Websites and aps to be published in the newsletter and class blogs ( free as well as paid)